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Execution is what stands between an idea and a business. We support with execution and fund-raising.

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With a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as relationships accumulated over the past decade we bring to you the perfect support system that you need for building your startup

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We have programs that cater to startups at various stages to guide them through product development or funding and exploring international markets.


We have been supporting entrepreneurs with engagement with investors from India and overseas. We have a hole host go programs for startups.


We conduct workshops to benefit our members and help them dive into certain concepts that are challenging to understand. Explore the workshops and learn.


Demo Day is an experience that brings together entrepreneurs, eco-system players, incubators and investors from across the country. Join Demo Day!


Each meet has a theme and we discuss the same at the meets. At the same time for those looking for co-founders and looking to meet customers, a great place to network.


We have a repository of content that would help you get started and we keep adding to it. Explore this section to learn more about starting up and building your business.

Some things work better with assistance

We have been helping people get together for years. At Startups Squares we will help you find your perfect partner

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Funding and Grants

Are you looking to raise money for your startup? We work with government programs and angel networks to support your startup.

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Look For a Co-Founder

We keep matching founders with those interested to co-found. Click and fill out the form. We will get back to you.

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Are you looking to intern with a startup? Looking out for an intern? We will help you find one another.

Startup Squares


We want our members to be discovered and at the same time, we support them in many ways. Here are some of the things we do.


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Delegates who talk about us

We constantly take feedback to ensure that we are delivering great value. Here is what founders have said about Startup Squares

It was an amazing and eye-opening session for me.


It was really very insightful. Vivek seemed to be talking from experience and it helped me a lot.  There was enough time for Q&A and the flow was good.


Excellent session by Salma. Got lots of insights on the topic.


It was a wonderful session, I learned a lot. Its really helpful for all early stage startups!


We will keep you posted about all that we are doing at Startup Squares

Our latest news

New Workshop Series will be launched starting January of 2021 to help you learn and execute!