The founding team of Startups Square got started more than a decade back when startups were not a thing.

Since then supporting and guiding businesses and startups they have amassed a wealth of experience. They have been able to support thousands of entrepreneurs across the nation and have supported close to 100 get funded. We have had the opportunity to help founders and business owners overcome the challenges in their business and drive growth. 

We have worked with small to large ventures and understand that the nature of challenges that each faces is different. Working with the leadership and helping them work through the challenges that they have been facing with their ventures.  

We have also helped several businesses plan out their growth and expansion in India and across the world. We have a team that is experienced in pulling all the key pieces of data needed to make the right decision for the growth of a business. We bring these skills to our customers through our planning services and help them find the most realistic path to growth.

With the ups and downs and everything in between. With all that they have learnt, they bring to you Startup Squares.

We have been the support function

For more than a decade now, this founding team has been supporting entrepreneur and helping them grow

Our Leadership


Salma Moosa

Salma comes with over 30 years of experience in building businesses and supporting them. She has herself overcome challenges and adversities and brings that to you.

Vivek Srinivasan

Vivek Srinivasan

With over 10 years of experience, Vivek has worked with various businesses and supported many of them with their fundraising exercise.