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Bringing People Together

Businesses have a constant need to engage people. These could be decision makers, customers, supporting entities, etc. Each stakeholder adds value to the business and their participation makes the business stronger. 

This is especially true for businesses where trust plays a very important role in delivering results.

We Help you bring these people together. Not just those who you have been working with already but also those who need to discover your and engage with you in the future.

We do this by helping you setup your very own community and driving growth of that community to discover, engage and thrive.

Why Us?

We at Startup Squares have had the experience of working with a large number of entrepreneurs and businesses. This journey of ours started back in 2013 with a small initiative. We were able to build and grow a community of entrepreneurs across India, spanning 30 cities and having over 50,000 members. 

This experience gave us the insight on building and developing communities. We also learnt how to genuinely engage with the members of the community and deliver value to them so that they trust us and come around to us.

We will bring the years of experience to the table to help and support your venture.

Building a community begins by identifying the kind of people who you wish to appeal to and the nature of engagement that you expect from those very people. There is a lot of planning that goes into getting started with building a community. It is a long term commitment to yourself and your members. We work with you to define and carve out the nature of the community and the expectations that those joining the community could have.

We help lay down the contours within which the community would operate and the nature of activities and engagements that the community with undertake for its members. Also, the outcome expected from those activities over time.

Once the objective of the community and the engagement is defined, we will move forward to launch the community to a wider audience. The core is always important and we will work with you to ensure that we have a strong core of people who will know the community from the outset.

We will also work to build the excitement around the community at the outset.

Building a strong community is about consistency, it is about being able to bring people together in a meaningful way. People come together to watch a movie as well, but they do not derive anything from one another after they disperse. This must be avoided when it comes to a community.

Further, there is a need to keep expanding the reach of the community to introduce more and more people to the message and the objective of the community. We will work with you every step of the way to drive this engagement and grow this community base.