The Ecosystem – The week of July 27th

The last week of July 2020 was a slow one for startups. As the country is slowly recovering from the impact of the pandemic, we see that startups have also started to make the necessary changes to bounce back. This week let us look at the investments that happened and a few upcoming startups that would interest you. 

Investments, funding, and acquisitions: 

1.MuseWearables, an IIT-M Startup, has raised a funding of Rs. 22 Cr to launch its device that can detect #COVID19 symptoms.

  1. Satya Microcapital Limited, a microfinance startup has raised a funding of Rs. 72.5 Cr from BlueOrchard Finance Ltd
  2. OrthoFX, an orthodontic startup based out of SF has raised $13 M in a recent round and plans to invest in setting up an R&D centre in Kerala
  3. Pickright Technologies, a market place for stock market investors and advisors has raised $175K from angel investors in a round led by 100X.VC
  4. Toppr, has raised Rs. 350 Cr funding in a round led by Foundation Holdings.
  5. Hevo Data, a no-code data pipeline platform has raised $8M from Qualgro Partners, Surge, Chiratae Ventures (Formerly IDG Ventures India)
  6. Ketto, a crowdfunding platform has raised Rs. 109 Cr from
  7., a health tech startup has raised $200K from Inflection Point Ventures
  8. Firescore Interactive, a game development studio has raised $500K in a round led by CrazyLabs
  9. Vilcart. a rural e-commerce startup has raised a bridge round funding from current and new investors.
  10. Indian Govt. to invest Rs. 11.85 Cr in 112 Agritech Startups this year
  11. Delightree, a workflow automation app for business has raised $3 M from ACCEL PARTNERS LIMITED, Emergent Ventures, Brainstorm Ventures, Axilor Ventures and Alchemist Accelerator

Startups to watch out for:

  1. Financepeer, a startup that helps parents avail zero cost EMI to pay their children’s school fees.
  2. Urvija AI, a B2B AI platform, that enables operational wonders
  3. Vervotech – Travel Technology Company. a SaaS startup that help travel agencies function smoother
  4. OceanFrogs, a SaaS startup has been successfully helping SMEs grow sustainably.
  5. STEMpedia, an Edtech startup that has a goal of ensuring every students gets well educated in STEM!
  6. ClassMonitor, an Edtech startup that uses both online and offline approaches to educate pre-schoolers
  7. The Messy Corner, the startup that makes your name a brand is making personalized gifts a new normal in India
  8. SellQuikr – Buy & Sell with Ease, has enabled sellers and buyers to interact and do business independently.
  9. URON ENERGY, a solar energy startup that has been able to successfully make use of one of the most abundantly available sources of energy
  10. VideoTap, the media company that is trying to create news and other videos that really matter!
  11. Intellipaat, an e-learning platform that you can use to upskill yourself.

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