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10 Things only a founder can do…

I have written many thought bites, special moments and lessons as it came to me, as an entrepreneur, hoping to give away bits and pieces of my life to founders around, but this one is going to be simple & specific… 

The 10 things only a founder can do in a startup… Yes, it is going to be ONLY A FOUNDER, not a co-founder, not a team member, not a mentor, who would dare this…

This one is for you, founders… 

  1. See beyond what is 
  2. The first one to show up
  3. The last one standing
  4. Take the hit
  5. Move forward 
  6. Make weaknesses into strengths
  7. Embrace change
  8. Reach the Summit and look for higher grounds
  9. Be the Pillar of hope, trust & faith to all 
  10. Laugh at crises and cry with joy at wins

In simple…. 

A founder is one, who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way….

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