Knowing your authentic self…

The first day of 2019, it is very important that we understand who we truly are. You have 365 days that you have thought of, in a specific manner, you have planned your professional and personal goals and so the best way to start this journey for this year is by knowing your true self, your authentic self..

The top 3 things that makes you aware of finding your authentic self are;

  1. Values – Have a clear set of values for yourself, but to do so, you first need to value yourself. How many of us actually take the effort to hold on to our own values? Things that you believe in, things you would not compromise on for anyone or any cost. Actions that mean your identity and no one gets to question that. Your values are yours and you do not get to be questions or looked down for that. Each one of us have our own set of values that we must hold on to. 
  • Relationships – I have lived 48 years of my life and from the day one, I was old enough to know relationships, I have always somehow been able to make relationships that are only withdrawals in my life, not many have been deposits. Yes, relationships are of just 2 categories; Withdrawals and Deposits. Withdrawals are relationships those constantly demand out of us, expect a 100 things, have conditions that go with their existence in our lives and Deposits are relationships with who you can be as vulnerable, with who you do not need to fear your weakest of moments, who do not question yourself and motivate you. Most of the relationship that I have been able to make has been withdrawals, they have taken a very large part of me from my life and sometimes even left me clinging on to have them in my life in some small way. This has been one of my most difficult part that has tested me time and again to keep my authentic self intact. You have to have a balance in the kind of relationships you build in your life to make sure you don’t loose your true self. 
  • Decisions – Decisions are a very crucial part for the way you navigate through life. Decisions that you make, if are based out of your true values, you will find yourself at ease with them, but if you end up taking decisions by influence or to make someone else happy, you will end up in a space that is truly not comfortable for yourself. But to make decisions that will keep you in your true self, you must be well connected and clear about your values. Have your values strong and clear and make sure that every decision you take are based out of those values. 

Work towards finding your true authentic self. It is your life, it is your existence that is at stake here, no one gets to choose what you have to be. Have a great 2019 with your true authentic self…

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