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The life of a founder is difficult. Part of the challenge with being a founder is having to undertake hundreds of decisions everyday. While of these decisions tend to consequences only today other have far reaching consequences and can impede growth in the long term.

Through our membership we bring to you mentors who have been there and seen it. They are able to guide you along the way and support you in making the right decisions for your startup. Along with this, we also provide you access to other founders who are part of our member community. This makes it possible for you to seek collaboration and support with them as well. 

We look forward supporting you.

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Pitch Square

For founders who are only looking to get in front a select set of investors and looking to make a pitch to them. The pitch Square provides the perfect opportunity to engage

Pre founder's square

For those aspiring to get started and build a venture. For whom mentoring is all that is needed to get the business off the ground. Even if you are just playing around with ideas

Founder's Square

For founders who have put a venture in place or about to incorporate, seeking support. Looking to fundraise in the near future and charge up their venture

The next square

You are ready to raise money and need more than just introduction to investors. We guide you with getting the documentation in place and then connect you as well

Incubatee's Square

For founders who want specific but on-going support to catapult them to the next level as fast as possible. Our incubate program provides close and consistent support

We will keep you posted about all that we are doing.