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Uber is a platform that is meant to match demand and supply seamlessly. Its objective is to make it possible for customers to find transportation as soon as possible and for the drivers reduce downtime and maximise returns.

Each time I return from any other city back to Bangalore Airport, it troubles me to see how inefficiently this is being done.

An airport is a sea of demand. There are thousands of people arriving from various corners of the planet at any given point of the day. At the same time, there are thousands of cab drivers waiting to ferry them back into the city.

In a city like Bangalore where the nearest meaningful thing from the airport is 30 km away, most people would have to invariably share this route. Also, unlike railways; more often than not, business travellers travel as individuals rather than large groups or as a family in and out of airports.

This is a classic case for mapping individuals who are headed into the same direction into a pool and providing the transport.

Why Uber Pool?

  1. It would be far more economical for the traveller
  2. It would generate more income for the driver
  3. It would be the responsible thing to do from an environmental standpoint
  4. 100 people could potentially take 30 cars instead of 100 cars and bring down the congestion on the roads as well.

While it has been possible to take UberPool to the airport. The option does not even exist when leaving the airport. To me, this just comes across as completely absurd. If there is a law preventing this, then such a law should simply be abolished. If the reason is profit-seeking then shame on the cab companies.

Whatever the reason may be; I see no reason that prevents that government from insisting that this option be made available mandatorily. This should be mandated across the country.

Every 3-5 minutes a plane carrying 200 – 300 people lands in each of the metropolitan cities in India. 70% – 80% of them head to cab provider of their choice to take the trip back into the city. This need not put just as many cars on the road. I can understand call taxi’s not being able to do this but tech-enabled companies like Uber and Ola simply have no excuse.

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