The life of a founder is difficult. Part of the challenge with being a founder is having to undertake hundreds of decisions everyday. Some of these decision could have consequences for today and others over the long term.

Through our program we bring to you mentors, who have been there and seen it. They are able to guide you along the way and support you in making the right decisions for your startup. Along with this, we also provide you access to other founders who are part of our founder community. This makes it possible for you to seek collaboration and support with them as well. 

We also help you get across to various agencies as well as networks and funds to raise capital for your organisation. There are a host of benefits.

We look forward supporting you.

Rs. 18000 per annum


Strategic Mentoring

Avail strategic mentoring for 6 hours annually plus additionally 4 hours can be availed between CA/CS, Legal, IT, IP & Digital Marketing mentoring on monthly basis. Strategic Mentoring plays a key role for a startup's growth

Investment Deal Flow Support

From enabling the startup to become investor friendly, match making with investors, introductions & taking the discussions forward, we walk with you through the process. We have so far supported 10+ startups in 2020

Open House

Every alternate Saturdays, on Zoom, our Incubated Founders come together and take the virtual stage to present their offering and ASK for connections. We have so far exchanged more than 1000+ connections successfully

Startup Listing

Visibility is Credibility and this what we bring to our incubated founders. You can list your startup logo and get the needed visibility. This also shows you the diverse industries, our founders come from at Startup Squares

Founder Directory

Our Incubated Founders have been branded as "Baby Sharks". They exactly understand the power of connecting people. You will be listed on our Founder's Directory and reach our Founders to collaborate.

Validated Growth

Growth is when your customers validate offerings with a feedback that goes to bring many more to you. We at Startup Squares, take candid inputs on business exchange and encourage references to bring more business.