Everyone needs a buddy that pulls them up every now and then. For entrepreneur’s this role is played by their co-founders or their mentors. We at Startup Squares, we realise this because the founding team has been doing this to each other for more than a decade now. We have seen and supported 100s of founding teams with this as well.
So, with this experience in hand and tons of learnings, we have come forward with a process that will enable us to be the “Pull-up Buddy” for all our founders from the Founder’s Square Program.
This is how we will do it:
  1. There will be a shout out in the Community Chat platform twice a week on the below questions
  2. There will be an e-mailer that will hit your registered inbox with the link to this page to be filled out on a weekly basis
  3. You will get a call once a month, from any of the mentors listed on our platform, checking in, asking you the answers for our “Pull-up Questions”
  4. We will assign one of the founder’s from the program as a “Pull-up Buddy” to each one unable to follow this process. Your Pull-up Buddy will keep checking on you regularly! We are not here to make you happy, we are here to make you successful.
  5. The best performing “Pull-up Buddy” (s) will be awarded a “Virtual Trophy” at our Annual celebration, Pitch Square every year as a founder, who just did not do great for himself / herself but put in efforts shamelessly to do it for the other too.
So, now its time for you to know what these “Pull-up Questions” are:
1. Have you got your Q2 FY 2020-21 numbers clearly figured out, if yes, are you on it? If no, why have you not taken a mentor’s session to get that done?
2. Which is the last “Workshop – The Act” you attended? 
3. Which is the last “Face2Face” Friday Session you attended? 
4. How many “Founders” from in here did you speak to last week? 
5. How many founders from the “Founder’s Square” have you “Given & Taken” connections from? 
Yes, get ready to be Pulled Up by your own kind, for your own good and let us to do this together.
“Collaborative Growth” – is Startup Squares Mantra for our Founders.
“Pull-up Questions” for you to fill this week through our platform to avoid calls from “Startup Squares Mentor” or your “Pull-up Buddy”.

Founder's Tracking Form

Your goals can be revenue-based or user-based depending on the nature of your business. It could also be based on stages if you are still developing your PoC.