Are you an intern seeking to join a startup to get to know the startup way of life and to have an opportunity to learn more?

Startups are great places to learn and to be given real responsibilities rather than working on dummy projects. At the same time, while the work is harder, it may not necessarily pay as much as larger companies. The learning is your earning. 

If you are a leader, a self-starter who has a desire to learn and to make a difference, we can match you with startups that would provide you the opportunity to make a difference. 

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Are you a founder looking for talented individuals who can be a part of your team and push the mission forward, albeit temporarily?

Interns seek to join startups to have the opportunity to learn hard skills. Many of them may come without real world experience and hence it may be important to work with them and hand-hold them a little. Nevertheless, they can be great assets to the organisation and take up real responsibilities for which you may not have the time or the bandwidth at the moment.

If you are looking for a team member, whom you are willing to nurture while at the same time provide real responsibilities to, please fill the form below and we will get back to you with a match

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