Canada Startup Visa

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Operating since 1962, the firm is the largest in Canada and has been helping Startups and Investors from across the world access the Canadian market.

Startup Squares along with Green and Spiegel’s team will be discussing how entrepreneurs can immigrate to Canada while receiving funding, guidance and expertise in opening and operating their enterprise in Canada.

This is a great opportunity to review your immigration options and to discuss suitability with industry experts. We are looking to support the growing needs of entrepreneurs while enhancing their global mobility. 


Salient Features

  • Shareholding Entrepreneurs can apply for Canadian permanent residency and status for them and their families.
  • Investment from our partners of at least $75,000 in the Canadian entity to be established in Canada.
  • From an immigration perspective the program is very beneficial as it allows for priority processing and can identify any city in Canada (other than the Province of Quebec) as the intended location of the business.
  • We can source high net worth investors that would be interested to invest and provide active support, to the Canadian company as participants.  The Canadian immigration component for them will have significant value which will be reflected in the terms and conditions of their investment.
  • On a standard placement where one team member is willing to oversee the initial start-up of the Canadian subsidiary, we would look to source up to 4 investor/participants.  Recent deals have resulted in the Canadian subsidiary being capitalized with approximately $300,000 of equity investment with the founder maintaining a controlling interest.