Market Research

No matter how incredible am idea might seem in your mind, at the end of the day, that idea needs to be able to survive in the real world. When an idea meets the market, its credibility is established. One of the ways in which we are ensure that we take an idea to the market without having to setup a venture is through market research. 

Market research can be undertaken in many ways. By undertaking a quantitative research we seek to find the voices of many and establish the intelligence of the crowd. On the other hand, we might want to understand nuances better and in such cases we undertake qualitative research to surface the finer points that an idea or a business might be missing. 

Further we can also undertake secondary research where we use the data that is already available to through many sources and construct a picture of the market and its condition.

How we do it

When it comes to any business, there are a lot of moving parts and when writing a business plan, it is important to accommodate for all of these and understand how they intermesh with one another. 

We work with the entrepreneurs to help untangle the web of relationships that represent the business and make it simple for anyone who is trying to understand the business whether to partners with you to invest in you.

A business plan is a collaborative undertaking. There is a voice of the founder that shines through it and we work to ensure that this remains consistent in the plan and showcases your vision.

Why Us?

We at Startup Squares have had the experience of working with a large number of entrepreneurs and businesses. This journey of ours started back in 2008 with a small initiative. 

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with several entrepreneurs, founders and investors and this has given us a depth of understanding of what we need to showcase about any business. We have worked with thousands of founders in this time.

We will bring the years of experience to the table to help and support your venture.