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Tools to increase the cash runway for your startup

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What is Cash Runway? Startup runway refers to how many months your business can keep operating before its out of money. This figure is not just a ticking clock intended to keep startup founders awake at night. Startup runway is a crucial tool for budgeting, straitening, forecasting and fundraising throughout your company’s life cycle.  It […]

Create my Sales Funnel (Plan to Execution)

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A Sales Funnel is a pyramid turned upside down with 5 steps. Missing any step would mean nothing but you failing short for bringing in “Money in the Bank” through sales.  So, what’s the 5 steps in a Sales Funnel  Outreach (Cold Calls / Mailing / Social Media)  Prospect (those who respond back) Warm Prospects […]

Dividing Equity with your Cofounder

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The dilution that you make to your cofounder would probably be the largest dilution that you would be required to make. Given the fact, it is important to make sure one takes the right decision when making this dilution. While each person wants to hold on to as much of their company as possible, they […]