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Tools to increase the cash runway for your startup

December 19, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm UTC+5.5


What is Cash Runway?

Startup runway refers to how many months your business can keep operating before its out of money. This figure is not just a ticking clock intended to keep startup founders awake at night. Startup runway is a crucial tool for budgeting, straitening, forecasting and fundraising throughout your company’s life cycle. 

It is a window of how quickly you spend cash, when you need to raise funds or you need to change the business model. You can calculate the runway even when you are in pre-revenue or making good revenues for yourself. Many investors, seed or angel’s first question is about how long the startup runway is from the present stage.

How do we calculate your CASH RUNWAY?

Take your current cash in hand (account) and divide it with your monthly burn (expenses) to calculate the number of months you have in hand as your runway. The most healthy runway for an early stage startup is anything between 10 to 18 months, but if you are bootstrapped, it is difficult to have that long a runway, so then the founders have two options to choose from:

  • Go for capital raise or bring in a co-founder who is ready invest as well
  • Go smart with expenses, take strategically driven decisions to bring in revenues and increase productivity with team

In this workshop, we plan to cover the 2nd option: Play it SMART to increase your RUNWAY for 2021

  1. Experiment with ways to increase sales / revenues ( check our previous recorded sessions)
  2. Examine costs & cut on non-essential expenses
  3. Consider non-dilutive financial tools 

This topic is selected for a very special reason as the last official working weekend of 2020, we as startups and founders have had the most difficult year. Some of us made the best of it, as much as we can and some almost gave up and some actually did. But if you are reading this, then there is hope that you are ready to get all the help you need to make 2021 a strong and stable year for your startup. Our task is to make it happen for you. For the cost of this session, Rs.499/- you also get 1 mentoring session designed for your customised support to plan the upcoming year with our expert.

Register here, before you miss your spot – https://startupsquares.com/workshop/ 

Expert for the session – Salma Moosa ( www.salmamoosa.com )

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December 19, 2020
11:00 am - 2:00 pm UTC+5.5
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