Finding your startup

Coming from a family business, I have closely watched my father take his journey of starting up, struggling to make it happen and go on to successfully build his business. There is also this strong belief in me that we could learn a lot more from other’s experiences and mistakes.

I have always followed my passion and that took me through this journey that I am happy I took. I was pursuing a degree in information technology engineering when I started to develop a deep interest in the domain of ethical hacking. I undertook multiple courses in it, tried to gain as much knowledge as I could but gradually I realized I was even more interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Like every young mind, I drifted through interests and realized that Artificial Intelligence is more advanced and has a higher scope of success in the future.

Through Artificial Intelligence I found my calling, automation, which I want to master and try to maximize my skill sets in it. And exactly from here, my dream is to start my startup in the domain of automation. The first step was to understand all that I can in the domain. As we say, execution without knowledge can take you only so far.

Being idle is something that does not define me, so I started to take up some freelancing projects, where I would do website development for my clients. I also created software of myself which would reduce 80% of my development time. In my opinion, such low code platforms are going to be the future of software development. So, on one side as I increase my knowledge base on Automation, I am in the process of developing a software that will reduce the costs of developing applications.

I always heard others say that mentors play a critical part in a young entrepreneur’s journey, so I started my search for a mentor, who would understand my passion, who would know my strengths and weaknesses enough to guide me in the right direction. I am glad that I stumbled on to Startup Squares and came in contact with its mentors. They are now my extended solution team for my challenges as a startup founder. The Community that Startup Squares hosts for founders are like my entrepreneurial family. They get me, they know my pain points, they come with immediate support and suggestions.

Over the past few months, I realized how much I have grown as an individual. How much knowledge I have gained and how drastically my mindset has shifted. I feel like a matured grown-up with ample skillsets as well as knowledge about the happenings of the world that I can apply in various aspects of my life. I know this journey is long and there is a long way for me to go.

There is still a lot that I need to learn about and explore. Also, there is a lot I need to experience. But what I know is that I am not alone in this journey, I have people so helpful and supportive by my side that I know I can make this happen. And a day will come when just like my father, I will make it big and successful and be able to pass my lessons to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

To conclude, I would like to say that overall, this journey has been filled with lots of self-learning and motivation to reach greater heights. I hope with this constant help and support; soon I will have my startup operating, functioning and working successfully. All I would say is that all one must have is faith in himself and work hard and believe good things will happen.


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    Inspiring blog Vivek. How did you take the first leap of finding customers? “so I started to take up some freelancing projects, where I would do website development for my clients. ” How did you find these?

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