Faster Capital Collaboration

Startups Club and FasterCapital collaboration

The shared vision between Startups Club and FasterCapital; two entrepreneurship-supporting companies binds them together in a partnership that is going to impact the startup ecosystem positively.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in India, Startups Club is an Open, Inclusive and Collaborative Platform for 0-3 year-old startups, 30000+ members nationwide. With our presence in over 30 cities, Startups Club is aiming to empower startups from all over the country. 

FasterCapital is an incubator based in Dubai that aims at supporting entrepreneurs, especially non-technical ones through its incubation program. FasterCapital is ready to become the technical co-founder handling the technical development process and investing 50% of the money needed for that purpose.

Mr Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital comments, “We hope this partnership is going to be mutually beneficial. We are willing to help and support entrepreneurs from India and from all around the globe and Startups Club is our partner in this objective.”

Ms Salma Moosa comments, “We have been working hard to support entrepreneurs for the past 7 years and this association gives us an opportunity to bring greater support to entrepreneurs. We look forward to helping more startups.”

Learn more about FasterCapital and Startups Club by visiting their websites.

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