Sales Officer

Bringing business through the door

One of the biggest challenges that most enterprise-facing businesses and startups face is driving lead generation and sales for their startups.

This can often be time consuming and it never hurts to have some amount of support to more leads or customers to interact with.

Through this program we enable businesses to source more enterprise customers and generate leads for their business.

Why Us?

Startup Squares Management team comes with an experience of over 50 years in Sales and Sale closures for Business-to-Business deals. We have a strong process driven structure that we follow that enables us to identify, engage, pitch and close deals for our Clients. Our other programs such as the Platinum Square, The Next Square & Founder Square supports you with understanding your markets, identifying your niche segments, profiling your early customers and pricing your offerings in a business intelligent manner. Through this service of becoming your Outsourced Sales Officers, we ensure that we bring in deal closures with your clients.

We will generate leads from a variety of tools and databases which match the requirement of the company. We will also setup a sales CRM to manage the leads that are being generated for the company. We will make the first contact with the lead and make sure that they are the right fit for the company and at the same time also interested in the offerings being made.

We will proceed to connect with the lead, undertake the commercial discussions with the client and bring the deal around to a closure.

If there are any technical requirements, or customisations, we will rope in the team to ensure that the promise can be delivered on.

For companies seeking to build their internal teams, we will help companies setup the sales process and manage the teams to deliver the sales numbers that have been set out for them. This will be on-going management to support and develop the sales side of the organisation.

For organisations struggling the recruitment of the right team for their sales process, help in screening and selection of the right resources who can fit into the company and deliver results.

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