Pitch Square

Bringing the stage and all the eco-system to you!


3rd December 2021

Connecting people is powerful

Every success has the contribution of many hidden behind it. The Pitch Square focuses on bringing together great people and providing great founders and opportunity to present themselves. This confluence of great minds can make magic happen.

The launch event saw particiaption from over 10 Countries with over 100 attendees over the course of the session. We are very excited about the main event to come!

Pitch Square is an annual Event to showcase some of the best of our Incubated, Accelerated Startup Founders to investors from across the globe. It is our pride & privilege to be having them present at this global platform.

They have spent the last year or more with us inclusively working with them. We have seen them work with passion & focus on growth and value for their end users.

Join us to know them, connect & possible collaborate as well. 

There are several challenges facing the world today. Thankfully, we are in a world that is well connected and can come together despite the challenges to make things happen.

The Pitch Square is a platform to bring startup founder, investors, incubators, accelerators, and eco-system players together to discover one another. This digital event will hopefully make it possible for many of you to engage with and discover valuable connections and grow your network and your ventures. 

The Attendee Pass will give you access to the event, the business showcase rooms, the presenting founders & updates on the possible deal flows.

Once you purchase the Attendee Pass, you will get a confirmation mail & further will be added in the Attendee Telegram Group and all further updates will be updated thereon. 

What to expect


Selected startups will be given an opportunity to pitch to the panel of investors invited to the Pitch Square. As a delegate you will get to listen to the entrepreneur. In order to pitch you have to be part of our founder's programs.


Startups and businesses have a host of offerings and they are thrilled to make these available to all of the delegates at the event. You can discover impressive new offerings or put your offerings up for discovery

Talk Room

There are several conversations to be had in an event that brings people from across the eco-system together. The talk room will make it possible for you to engage with other delegates at the event and connect

How to get involved

Whether you are a founder, an investor, a business or an eco-system player; there is something for all of you. Here are some ways to involve yourself

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If you are looking to pitch at the event, pick up the pitch pass and move ahead. Alternately, you may just want to network, pick up the delegate pass.

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Business or Service Provider

If you are a support provider to startups, you can showcase your business at the marketplace. Get in touch with us. Fill the form.

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Eco-System Player

Join us for this event and help spread the word across the eco-system. We would love to have you at the Pitch Square meeting and contributing to startups.



For first time investors who would like tor reach out to startups, please do get in touch with us and we can help you engage with some of the best startups

Past Speakers

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Oussama Ammar

oussama ammar

co-founder, the family

flag india 1f1ee 1f1f3
Nagaraja Prakasam

nagaraja prakasam

angel investor

flag albania 1f1e6 1f1f1
Aneida Bajraktari Bicja

Aneida Bajraktari

Partner, Balkans capital

flag india 1f1ee 1f1f3
Vinit Bhansali

Vinit Bhansali

VP, Orios venture partners

flag canada 1f1e8 1f1e6
Stephen Green

Stephen green

Senior Partner, Green and spiegel

flag india 1f1ee 1f1f3
Dr. Balachandran

Dr. Balachandran

Manager, VIT-TBI

flag estonia 1f1ea 1f1ea
Arnaud Castignet

Arnaud Castignet

Director, Skeleton Technologies

flag india 1f1ee 1f1f3
Mahesh Bhalla

Mahesh bhalla

managing Partner, M3b Capital

flag china 1f1e8 1f1f3
Michael Marks

Michael Marks

Managing partner, M3B Capital

flag india 1f1ee 1f1f3
Praveen Shekar

Pravin shekar

outlier marketer, krux108

flag united states 1f1fa 1f1f8
Roopa Ambedkar

roopa ambekar

Founder, Aesthetic and Wellness International

Our latest news

The launch event took place on 20 July 2020 and had attendees from over 10 countries. We pushed the event from Dec 2020 to 3rd December 2021. 

We invite Startups / Business Owners to connect with us if looking to showcase their offerings through our Business Showcase Break Rooms. Write to [email protected]

Write to us at [email protected]