Once you get started with your venture there are several challenges to overcome. A structured support program to help you grow your venture faster. Further, it can set you up for further funding and opportunities.

We have seen and supported business ventures through these phases and have the right tools to support you in the most comprehensive manner.

Platinum Square is a 700 day’s program that supports you for the two-year period to set yourself up for greater successes with your business.


Strategic Mentoring

We engage in hour-long mentoring sessions each week to look at the progress made, and the challenges faced. Each step taken will be discussed to deliver the best for the company.

Quarterly Review

A quarterly review will be undertaken for 2 hours to make sure that the company is also taking a macro-view on things and the progress made can be assessed. This will also provide a discipline for when investors come in.

Business Plan

A business plan will be put in place to make sure that the company is moving forward with a cohesive plan. Further financial projections will also be put in place to have clarity on your financial needs as a company.

At additional cost

Pitch Deck

We will also help put together a pitch deck for the business so that the founder is prepared to make a pitch to investors and putting their best foot forward to showcase their venture to investors.

At additional cost

Pitch Practice

A pitch is as much about how you put things forward as about what you put forward. We will help you perfect your pitch before you reach the investors and are required to present your vision to them.


Putting a well-healed business with a product-market fit in front of the investors moves things forward. We will connect the founders with the right investors who are interested in the segment.

Your Takeaway

The following will be the takeaway from the engagement :

  • Business Plan kit, which would include the Business plan document and a pitch deck which will be shared with investors.
  • Gap Assessment from an investor standpoint.
  • Execution plan to close in on the gaps in the business and to drive revenue growth
  • Assessment of Go to market, marketing and Growth Plan for the company to grow and develop
  • Preparation to engage with investors in India and overseas
  • Specific engagement with investors for the founder to pitch¬†

Why Us?

  • Our team has been working with startups and helping founders for the past 10 years.
  • We have worked with several investors and are constantly in touch with them and understand the market
  • We have the experience of working with angel investors and MicroVC funds and closing investments with them
  • We have cross-industry and cross-domain knowledge and experience which makes us better suited to take up any challenge
  • Over 10 startups funded over the last year through various sources including governmental