Shark Nite


Time to get your Startup Idea Validated by the best in the World

Rs. 999 per person

3rd December 2021 – Friday – 7 pm IST | 5:30 am PST | 9 am EST 

You have seen many pitch sessions, we bring to you a Validation Session

#SharkNite by Startup Squares is our annual session that will have investors & enablers of the global ecosystem validate your startup idea and your commitment towards it.

These 5 mins pitch & 15 mins Q&A Sessions can go to convert into an investing opportunity or you will walk away with inputs that can help you go ahead in a long way. 

Validation over the problem statement that a founder is working on, validation on the ability of the founding team that is behind the startup & validation on the possibility of the startup being able to become what the founder thinks it will. 

The Presenting Founders will get questions from a global panel, individuals who have seen and done their journey to understand and ask the right questions will be present. 

The Delegates will be the attending students, entrepreneurs, ecosystem players to network, understand and connect with each other. 

Do not miss this once a year chance to know what it takes to have the Skin in the Game

Our Sharks

Nagaraja Prakasam

nagaraja prakasam

angel investor

Aneida Bajraktari Bicja

Aneida Bajraktari

Partner, Balkans capital

Narinder Wadhwa

Narinder Wadhwa

MD, SKI Capital

Dr. Balachandran

Dr. Balachandran A

General Manager – VITTBI

Ashok Lalla 1

Ashok Lalla

Independent Digital Business Advisor

Yatin GEC

Yatin K Thakur

Chairperson, GEN Asia

Rajesh Sehgal Picture 1

Rajesh Sehgal

Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments

Vivek Srinivasan

Vivek Srinivasan

Gm, Startup Squares Angel Network

Our Speakers


Anmol Garg

Opening Act

Business Startup Comedian 

Neela Badani

Neela Badami


Partner – Samvad Partners




Time Program Detail
7:00 PM
7:15 PM
Welcome Note
7:20 PM
Anmol Garg
7:50 PM
Intro of Panel
8:00 PM
10:00 PM
Neela Badami
10:30 PM
Speaker 3 (TBD)
10:50 PM
Closing Note

What to expect


Selected startups will be given an opportunity to present to the panel. As a delegate you will get to listen to the entrepreneur. In order to present you can write to [email protected]

Talk Room

There are several conversations to be had in an event that brings people from across the eco-system together. The talk room will make it possible for you to engage with other delegates at the event and connect

How to get involved

Whether you are a founder, an investor, a business or an eco-system player; there is something for all of you. Here are some ways to involve yourself

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If you are looking to present at the event, write to [email protected]

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Business or Service Provider

If you are a support provider to startups, you can showcase your business at the marketplace. Get in touch with us. Fill the form.

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Eco-System Player

Join us for this event and help spread the word across the eco-system. We would love to have you at the Shark Nite as our Partners. Do write to [email protected]



For first time investors who would like tor reach out to startups, please do get in touch with us and we can help you engage with some of the best startups

Our Startups have been fundraising through the year

At Startup Squares we focus towards outcomes and so we have been successful in helping our incubated startups get support for their funding requirements through grants, seed & angel investments, debts for operational costs as well.

Our funding deal closures have been through our partner networks & our own in-house Angel Network. 

Write to us at [email protected]