Early Stage Angel Investor Network

Angel Network

For the last decade, we have been exclusively working with startups. Our focus is on early-stage startups and we excel in working with startups in the first five years of their startup journey. 

During this time we have had the opportunity to work with investors across various ticket sizes. Starting from angel investors who typically invest between 10 Lacs to 50 Lacs; to MicroVC who invest half a million dollars to a few million dollars; to Venture Capital firms with larger capabilities. In addition to having put together these deals, we have also supported a small fund focused on investing in early-stage startups and hence understand the internal dynamics of making an investment and getting a positive return from the investments.

What we do for you


Depending on the interest area of an investor and their experience they have the ability to support startups in certain industries. With this in mind, we source startups that are in specific industries that investors can take a look at and evaluate


If there is an interest to invest with a startup, we support the investors in evaluating every aspect of the business as well as the risks that are a part of the venture. We are able to provide a probabilistic evaluation of the success of a startup based on various parameters.


Through every step of the investment process we will work with the startup as well as the investor to make the same as smooth as possible having seen the various impediments that slow down this process and hinder forward movement.


Once the investment is made, keeping in touch with the founders and anticipating needs that might arise from the company based on the growth and challenges that they are facing, we will keep the investor abreast while also bringing support from our network to the startup.

Our Engagement

Knowledge and networks make all the difference between success and incredible success. Keeping this in mind we at SSAN will have a set of engagements model to enable this

  • On-Boarding and Welcome to the Angel
  • Profiling the Angel to understand interest areas and time availability to support
  • Monthly pitch sessions with 3 handpicked startups
  • Quarterly networking sessions with other angels called Catalyst


Join the growing network of angel investors from across the globe looking to make an investment in Indian startups.

To take the discussions forward, write to us on [email protected] or speak with us at +91 99801 70800