This Program is for Post MVP startups / businesses that have a domestic or global offering & are looking for investments from Indian & Global Investors. We engage on an annual basis and work closely to ensure the startup is investor friendly, engage in a curated training program and moderate the deal flow. 

Every business is unique in what it is building and how it goes about the process of building itself. But there are underlying principles of development which are common to many. The planning and thought process that goes into developing a startup makes a world of difference when it comes to success and failure of startups. 

We at Startup Squares have been hand-holding startups for the past decade and we have consulted companies across industries. We have created this unique program that helps you to execute and provides and on-going inclusive engagement. The cost of this program is Rs. 50,000 + GST

Program Coverage

One on One Mentoring

We spend an hour each week over Zoom to guide you towards shaping your business to drive greater traction as well as have clarity on your strategy for growth.

Network Access

We have built a network of entrepreneurs that we work with, who you will be able to access as a part of this program. You will also be invited to the Open Houses we conduct

Investor Intro

We introduce you to investors who might be interested in your startups and enable the conversations to get started through a warm introduction. We guide you through the process.

Canada Startup Visa

We provide you the opportunity to access the Canada Startup Visa Program and tap the North American Market along with a seed investment of USD 200,000. *

*Additional Costs to access this program

Client Connections

We introduce you to potential clients who might be interested in your product or service as they come across us or if you have a specific ask to reach someone.

Milestone Setting

Since we work with you every step of the way, we help you see and set milestones for your business and track the achievement of the same for the growth of your venture

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