This Program is for Idea to MVP startups that have a global offering & are looking for investments from Global Investors. We engage on an annual basis and work closely to ensure the startup is investor friendly, engage in a curated training program and moderate the deal flow. 

Every business is unique in what it is building and how it goes about the process of building itself. But there are underlying principles of development which are common to many. The planning and thought process that goes into developing a startup makes a world of difference when it comes to success and failure of startups. 

We at Startup Squares have been hand-holding startups for the past decade and we have consulted companies across industries. We have created this unique program that helps you to execute and provides and on-going inclusive engagement. 

Program Coverage

As a part of this we will help you with defining your business better, strategic consulting on business model and revenue model, guidance of business plan development, execution support. and pitch practices.

We will provide introduction to investors in India, we will also provide inputs on the approach to be taken with the investors, help decode terms sheets and valuation,  and for those looking at international investors we would provide the support needed through the Canadian Startup Visa Program.

We will connect you to over 100 incubated founders, provide your access to networking events, and further provide introductions to specific connects that might be useful for your business.

The Program is priced at Rs. 20,000 plus GST per Quarter

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