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Knowledge is important for execution. We conducted several workshop for entrepreneurs and you can find a curated compilation of some of the best workshops on this page for your consumption. All of these workshops have been conducted by experts who have themselves had extensive exposure in the area. We invite you to explore the best of it.

25 Curated Workshops in this Compilation


Founder's Profile and Social Media Persona

One of the first things that people do when you meet them as a founder is to check you online. How do you create a profile online for yourself. How do you people see you as a social personality? Get this one to learn more...


Inner Workings of Funding Entities

How do different funding entities work? How does a grant organisation works? An angel investor; A VC fund; PE Investors. What do they look for in an organisation? What do they evaluate in a company and how do they decide? Learn all about this here...


Elevator Pitches

One of the most important things to do as a founder is to create an impact in a very short period of time. Often you get very little time with important people. How do you craft your elevator pitch and how do you deliver it with impact. This is an important skill.

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Compensating Early Team Members

Early team members are critical to an organisation at the same time they also need to be highly talented. Talent comes at a cost! What are the tools at a founders' disposal to compensate a team member. Learn every from stock compensation to ESOPs, how it works.


Raising early Stage Startup Capital

As an early stage employees what are the choices that you are faced with to raise early stage capital for your venture? How do you go about it and what are the options that you can use to get the early traction? Know all about it here.


Product Management for Founders

Every early stage founder is forced to play the role of a product manager, whether they like it or not. We explain what it takes to be a good product manager and deliver upon the need of the startup to have a good product to begin with. Come join in and learn...

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Build me a Financial Model

Financial Models are critical when determining how the business should be built and grown. To an investor it gives them an opportunity to look into your thought process. Revenue model, financial projections and a lot more. This is loaded workshop!


3Ps to build an MVP

Building an MVP is challenging and there are some fundamentals that one must keep in mind. In this workshop we cover the process of building an MVP. We also take it from the perspective of 6 industries to try and show you the challenges and insights that one should keep in mind when building the MVP.


Making a Perfect Pitch

What goes into making a great pitch. What does the investor think and what are the tools at your disposal to capture their attention and to influence them in their decision making. Come join in and learn a wealth of insights!

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Increasing Sales Virtually

The current pandemic scenario has meant that the best of us have been forced to sell virtually. What are the things that one must keep in mind when making those sales online? How can you maximise conversion?

Valuation Workshop

Valuation Simplified

Valuation of a startup is more art than science. How does it work and what do investors take into consideration when setting the valuation of the company? Join us for this workshop to learn more about valuation.

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Go Big or Go Home

Scale does not come to all businesses. There are certain rules that need to be kept in mind in order to be able to scale a business effectively. What are those things that cannot miss? This workshop answers those questions.


Competitive Analysis

Competition is valuable and important for a business. It shows that a market exists but it also creates the need to compete with that market. How do startups compete effectively? More important how do startups analyse their competition? Learn more here.

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Investors - How and Why

This workshop dives into the basics of investments and the pre-requisites. The things that one needs to keep in mind before even thinking about raising investor money and why that is so important.


Dividing Co-Founder Equity

How do you divide the equity between co-founders? Is going equal between the co-founders the best way to do it or is there another way? What if you are investing or putting in more time? Find the answer to these and many other questions.

Invest Money in the Bank

Building you Sales Funnel

How do you go about the process of building and developing your sales funnel. How do you bring more customers to your doorstep and convert them? The first in a three-part series for planning the new year.


Tactical Plans to Grow Revenue

The startup runway is critical for founders to be able to get the most out of their startups and to keep it alive for as long as they can. What are the plans you can put in place to elongate the runway for your startup.

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Startup Ownership

Ownership is complex and it is important to understand the intricacies and nuances involved in the rights that you get as the owner of a business. How this ownership is granted and the rights it provides are critical. This workshop clarifies all!

Ownership Workshop

Audit and Accounting

Accounting is important to make sure that the auditing process goes as smoothly as possible. This workshop covers the best practices that you need to have in place for the same.

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30 Minute Tax Task

Taxes are something nobody enjoys doing. If left out for the end of the year it can become quite daunting to finish the list of things as well. All it takes is 30 minutes everyday to get it right. Learn how!


Validating my Startup Idea

The starting point for any venture is the idea that you embark on. How do you decide which idea to embark on? This workshop will provide you with a framework to think about your idea.


Getting Early Customers

Getting early customers is about being able to understand your target profile and being able to reach out to that specific niche user. This workshop dives into the depths of the process.


Communicating with Customers

Communicating with customers effectively is important to ensure that the customer understands you and your offering well and responds to the same. This workshop uses activities to illustrate that.

Traction Workshop

Traction Channels

Traction Channels are important for every startup. They form the basis for the go-to-market for the company. This workshop covers all of the different ways in which you can drive traction to your startup.


Product Pricing

Product pricing is key and challenging for any startup. This workshop looks at the various models of pricing and how to use them for your product/service.

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