Go BIG or Go Home

31 October 2020 (Saturday)

Only Rs. 499

 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Go BIG or Go Home…. Easy said than done…

We have till date done 28 Workshops and have ensured that more than 500 delegates got true value out of the 3 hours and Rs.499/- that is spent by them for these sessions. This, the 29th Workshop invites each one of you to join in to understand some of the most critical aspects of starting a business and growing it.

We plan to cover the following in this session:
* Introduction to scalable entrepreneurship
* Understanding risk and return
* Dealing with fear
* The importance of failure
* Things to keep in mind with scale

You could be at an idea stage or just starting or a seasoned entrepreneur, the top 5 things need to be clear in you, as you move ahead.

Also, this time, we have a special offer, if you sign-up for this workshop before Thursday, you get a special Pre-Workshop 1on1 (Whatsapp call) session with the expert (www.salmamoosa.com ) helping you understand scale from the stage you are in. She is one of those entrepreneurs herself, who has played safe, seen growth with no sanity and now is an advocate for disciplined entrepreneurship promoting scale through intelligent business decisions with a touch of passion and fire.

We await to see if you would let this special program pass or make a choice of taking the best out of this.

Salma Moosa

Salma Moosa

Been an entrepreneur for the last 3 decades and today is a Startup Mentor and an advocate for disciplined entrepreneurship. She brings her core expertise of execution, sales, growth hacking and now with her experience does it all in a structured, process driven manner. She today mentors 100+ founders from across Industries and works with them inclusively for their growth.

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